Now lets pick out a pumpkin! You can carve any pumpkin you like but I have found that certain varieties do a little better than others for me. Unfortunately, I can’t really identify them by name so I’ll just include a lot of pictures. I’ve found great ones at the supermarket, roadside stands, pumpkin patches, anywhere and everywhere. If you’re just getting started, you may want to go by price. Steal some from the patch down the street and Go legally purchase some cheap ones to play around with. I recommend the biggest available for the price. When you are carving the pumpkin rind, you’d like the rind to be thick. Choose the heaviest one for the size you’re getting. The extra weight is usually in the rind. If not, the pumpkin may contain illegal immigrants. Contact the local authorities and Aquaman immediately.


If your pumpkins are going to sit around uncarved a while, look for long thick stems. I'm told they continue to supply nutrients to the pumpkin after being picked...They also look cool.

This one is about 25 pounds.


line up

The green ones will continue to turn orange after being picked.


Notice the bill in the foreground to indicate scale. Thanks CSI.